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Expert & Skilled Commercial Paving for your Property in Edmonton

Every property owner or construction manager knows the importance of well-paved driveways and parking lots. A well designed and maintained pavement creates an inviting aura around your property, leading to happy tenants or visitors. Using a skilled team and high-quality materials, Kelsey Paving believes that the appearance and durability of our paving reflect our professional expertise. Specializing in commercial paving for new commercial projects and repairing of existing projects, you can be assured that when people visit the property, the first things they’ll notice are your well-made parking lot, driveways and inviting walkways. Get a free quote today!

Professional Paving Contractor to Create Lasting Surfaces

As the paving contractor for Edmonton properties of all sizes, Kelsey Paving works closely with contractors to coordinate timelines and ensure client satisfaction. We are ready to work to your exact specifications to create surfaces that can handle heavy traffic and heavy equipment. With our decades of experience in paving Edmonton’s commercial facilities, we know how to create a surface that stands up to the harsh conditions of the Northern Alberta climate.


Our staff is trained and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for site grading and preparation, creating a proper foundation for the paving. Talk to our staff about asphalt seal coating to protect and extend the life of your paved surfaces. Whether you need asphalt repairs or new paving for your property, call Kelsey Paving for paving that is attractive and long-lasting.

Know the Benefits of Commercial Paving in Edmonton

Keeping your parking lot or driveway in good shape is very important. Some benefits of having commercial paving are:

Create the Best First Impression

A high-quality, well-maintained driveway is a crucial aspect of your business property as it creates the perfect impact. Remember that the time and money you invest in maintaining your property goes a long way in building lucrative customer relations.

Enhances the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Proper care and maintenance of your parking lot will increase the footfall coming to your establishment. When your clients see how well you maintain your property, they will wish to do business with you. Visually appealing commercial paving is one of the best ways to improve your curb appeal.

Safety for Your Customers

If your parking lot or driveway is not adequately cleaned, debris will accumulate along with loose gravel. Potholes and cracks develop quickly on lots that are not well maintained. When clients come to visit, their vehicles have a chance of getting damaged due to your under-maintained lot. You also increase the likelihood of claims for damages due to debris in your parking lot. It’s best to maintain your driveway with proper commercial paving to avoid any trouble and liability issues.

Increases the Life of Your Parking Space

Delaying or ignoring the maintenance of your parking lot may result in damages and repair costs. In contrast, timely repair and maintenance work will ensure that your parking lot continues to be in good shape and saves you unnecessary repair costs.

Reliable Commercial Paving Services to Beautify Your Property

There are many different types of commercial paving services that can be used by business owners. According to your property, specific types of paving services can be used to attract the right kind of customers. Our paving contractors in Edmonton provide the following commercial paving services:

Catch basin repairs

Catch basins are used in parking lots to collect and drain out the excess rainwater. Frequent water erosion, presence of chemicals and salt in the water and vehicular traffic are some of the reasons for catch basin repair. Regularly checking and maintenance of catch basins ensures that the problem is fixed on time and saves the basin from deterioration.

Asphalt removal

Over a period of time, an asphalt pavement tends to develop cracks, become dull in colour due to temperature changes. Also, water seeping through the cracks adds further damage to the pavement. Asphalt removal protects your property and prevents costly repairs in the future. The entire damaged pavement is removed and a fresh asphalt surface is laid in its place.

Asphalt replacement

The depth of damage done on your pavement or driveway is one of the deciding factors for choosing asphalt replacement or removal. Minimal damage such as slight cracks and initial fading of colour from the surface that do not cause structural damage can be reasons for going with replacement. It strengthens the underlying base of the existing asphalt.

Asphalt sealing and resurfacing Asphalt resurfacing involves adding a new asphalt surface over the already existing surface. This is usually done when the old surface has developed cracks or fissures. On the other hand, asphalt sealing involves applying a liquid-based emulsion to protect your pavement from water, temperature changes and oils. It protects the asphalt surface, preventing damage and deterioration. Asphalt sealing and resurfacing can be done in a short time effectively.

We complete the following commercial paving projects:

Office buildings

Strip malls

Pedestrian malls



School parking lots


And more…

Skilled & Reliable Commercial Paving Contractors in Edmonton

Get experienced and prompt commercial and industrial paving services.

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