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6 Essential Factors to Consider While Hiring a Paving Company

paving contractors

Paving contractors can improve the appearance of your house threefold. The chances of finding a paving contractor in the market without prior knowledge are pretty low. Getting pavements installed on your property is a wise move but you need to find the right company offering the services you are looking for.


Kelsey Paving has been in the industry for more than 35 years and we strive to provide the best commercial paving services. These include asphalt paving and repair, asphalt resurfacing and sealing, catch basin repairs and asphalt replacement. We work according to your specifications to create surfaces that can withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy equipment and heavy traffic. Whether it’s for repairs or new paving for your property, we do it all.

Some of the factors you need to pay attention to while hiring a paving contractor are:

  1. Reputation - A paving contractor’s reputation in the market is where you should start. Go through the years they’ve been in business and the kind of projects they’ve been associated with. A contractor who has been in the business for many years will be capable of quality craftsmanship. As a consumer, you should do thorough research on the paving contractor you hire. Transparency and trust are the essentials of operating in the service industry.

  2. References - In today’s tech-savvy world, reviews and references have gained widespread popularity. They are factors that ensure that you hire the right people for the job. Request your paving contractor to provide a list of customers they’ve recently worked with. Call the customers and inquire about the overall process that the contractor followed, on whether they worked diligently or not and if their services were satisfactory. 

  3. Breakdown - Make sure that you understand the entire scope of the work that the contractor will be doing. If you aren’t aware of how the process functions, ask your contractor for a detailed breakdown of the steps involved in the process. This is important as it breaks the ice between the consumer and the paving contractor. 

  4. Get a quote - A paving contractor will need to visit your property to give you an accurate estimate. An onsite inspection helps paving constructors understand the specific requirements of customers. Paving contractors with experience are more creative and informative in their approach. Be cautious of contractors who offer their services at an extremely low price, as they might not have enough expertise or experience. Cost is just a driving factor and should not be the sole reason behind your decision making. 

  5. Deadline - Depending on the rush and the time of the year, demands may be peaking and contracting companies might be engaged in multiple projects simultaneously. You must have a clear line of communication and understanding with the contractor to stay updated about the work. Mention a period within which you would like to get the work done to ensure it fits the schedule of both parties. 

  6. Before signing a contract, know your responsibilities and rights as a consumer. At Kelsey Paving, it is our goal to deliver the best possible services to our customers. Do your research and take the time to choose an experienced contractor that will deliver quality services. Contact Kelsey Paving to get paving that is durable, attractive and reliable!






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