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Major Signs Your Asphalt Pavement Needs to Be Replaced

asphalt paving

When was the last time you had your driveway paved?


If it was over 5 years ago, you may have noticed your pavement looks discoloured and may have some potholes. Factors such as heavy traffic, weather and UV rays can reduce your pavement's lifespan. Therefore, it is important to maintain or repair your asphalt pavement regularly.

At Kelsey Paving Ltd., our paving contractors have been in the business for over 35 years. The paving services we provide include acreage paving, commercial paving, asphalt paving and repair, and asphalt seal coating. We also provide snow removal and lot sanding services, depending on the weather conditions.



Signs of asphalt pavement replacement are:


1. There are a lot of potholes


Potholes are caused when water freezes underneath your pavement and creates upward pressure, and this causes the asphalt to crack. You can choose to get short-term pothole repair done, but it won’t be a sustainable option for the future. If you see potholes appearing in your asphalt pavement, call your contractor and replace it to avoid accidents or other inconveniences.


2. The pavement is discoloured


Asphalt pavements ideally must be black. But with time and due to exposure to sun and rain, the colour tends to fade. The harmful UV rays of the sun will make your asphalt paving more vulnerable to cracks. Therefore, if you notice your asphalt pavement losing its colour, it is time to call a professional paving contractor for repair or replacement.


3. There are cracks in the pavement


When the pavement starts resembling the scales on an alligator, it is called “alligatoring”. A cracking pavement is a primary indication of degrading asphalt. The cracks might appear insignificant at first, but eventually, it can be a huge problem. It is bound to happen more often in parking lots. The primary cause of cracking is water seeping into the foundation and causing structural damage to your pavement. It is best to get it replaced to avoid problems.


4. Crumbling edges


Parking lots and roads are secured at the edges with concrete. With time these edges can disintegrate and break off, leaving debris on the streets. This will affect the asphalt and you might need to repair or replace it.


5. The pavement can sink


Asphalt pavements are best made on a crushed gravel base. However, over time the base can start to erode. When this happens, you will notice sinkage near the area of the eroding asphalt. Sinkage is an indication that water is stuck in downspouts near the structure that harms the pavement below. You might need to get gutter repair services along with asphalt repair services for this one.


6. Undermining


Undermining happens when underground pipe cracks or slips its joint. Sometimes an underground pipe gets loose from the drainage structure. This damages the base and the asphalt. Professionals will dig up and fix the problem.


Contact Kelsey Paving Ltd. today for all your asphalt paving needs.






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