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Things to Consider for Commercial Asphalt Paving

Commercial Paving, Asphalt Paving

A smooth and attractive surface is necessary when it comes to commercial paving. Asphalt paving can increase the value of your property when done perfectly. Asphalt is cheap, reliable and easy to use, which makes it a popular option in terms of materials for paving. Kelsey Paving has been in the paving business since 1986. Our services include acreage paving, commercial paving, asphalt paving and repair, construction services, asphalt seal coating and snow removal.


Four Things You Should Keep in Mind for Commercial Asphalt Paving


Here are four factors that you should consider before opting for commercial asphalt paving:


1. Make sure it’s cost-effective


Look for a company that offers reasonable prices for their services. Get a couple of quotations before you finalize your paving contractor. A company that has low estimates might charge you with an extra fee after the work is done. You must choose a company that uses good quality paving materials and has staff members fit to get the job done in due time. Choose carefully and wisely after thorough research.


2. Check if the paving company has prior experience


You should avoid new paving companies as they lack field experience. Always go for commercial paving companies that have experience in dealing with projects similar to yours. Talk to their previous clients and get to know if they were happy with their work and service. Choosing a company with prior experience has its perks. It ensures that the paving job is done smoothly within the project timeframe.


3. Enquire about the equipment used by the contractor


Keep an eye on the materials and equipment your paving contractor uses in your project. Asphalt cools down faster than other materials; therefore, make sure that your contractor has the required machines to pave your area properly. Also, machines can go through a lot of wear and tear, which can delay the project. You must discuss these matters with your paving contractor for the timely completion of your project.


4. Figure out if the water drainage system is good


A proper drainage system is essential to make pavement last longer. Bad drainage can lead to erosion and a decrease in the lifespan of pavements. There is also a higher chance for cracks and potholes to appear. Always check if the drainage is adequate.


Contact Kelsey Paving for commercial asphalt paving services in Edmonton today! We conduct repairs and new parking lot paving for properties ranging from office buildings to malls and plazas.






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